What is the difference between Ultracoat paint protection products?

Ultracoat offers many solutions to protect almost all external and internal surfaces of cars, motorcycles, boats and aeroplanes. As specialists in the field of paint protection, we offer a wide range of solutions that differ in gloss level, hydrophobicity, level of slickness and, above all, durability. In this blog, we will try to bring these […]

How to get more customers from referrals?

You probably won’t be surprised if we told you that many, if not most, of the auto detailing customers come from recommendations. Nothing encourages people to visit a detailing studio as much as a recommendation from a trusted person, satisfied with the service. From a business perspective, referrals are also the best and cheapest source […]

How to remove a ceramic coating?

The application of a ceramic coating isn’t always successful, especially for beginners. High spots are a nightmare of every home detailer who hoped for a perfect glow but left the paint with a few imperfections.  To ensure good sleep for all petrolheads like ourselves, we have prepared a short guide, thanks to which you will […]


Auto detailing is snowballing in the whole world. Very few people today have time to take care of their car themselves, yet everybody wants their ride to be shiny. The willingness is there, but we all lack time. We’re sure you know we mean. Secondly, as buying new cars is much harder due to the […]

How to set a good price list for a detailing business?

Creating a detailing salon price list is problematic because customers and their cars often require individual treatment, and it’s difficult to find Fit To All solutions. Factors such as the size of the vehicle, its age, and the level of neglect can affect the work’s scope and price. On top of that, the pricing should […]

How to remove bugs from a car?

“Look how beautiful these dried bugs look on the grill” said no one ever. We don’t like when a graveyard of flies and other vermin appears on the hood, lamps, or windshield. Not only because it looks ugly, but also, and foremost because dried insects can permanently damage the paintwork. This article will answer the […]

How to apply ceramic coating on rims?

Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci, Scottie Pippen and Michael Jordan, Robert Lewandowski and Thomas Müller… Do you know more iconic duos? We do. Beautiful paintwork and a shiny rim! We have no doubts that one looks lame without the other, so after the guide on applying a ceramic coating to the body, it’s time […]

How to apply a ceramic coating?

If you love your ride, you will definitely be able to apply a ceramic coating on your own, especially if you’re provided with a few basic detailing rules. We have prepared them all for you to efficiently cope with this challenge and provide protection and gloss of the paint for many months. Without further ado, […]

6 most common myths about ceramic coatings

Ceramic coatings are such a common topic among automotive fans (and others) that a lot of myths have arisen around it. Moreover, many of them are widely considered as valid. So in this article, we will shine some light on the whole topic. Let’s play ceramic coatings’ MythBusters. 1. Ceramic coating and quartz coating are […]

How to maintain a ceramic coating?

The shiny paint of a car leaving a showroom or a detailing studio doesn’t last forever. You can extend the effect of a brand new ride by applying a ceramic coating, but its durability has limitations and is worth maintaining.  So how to do it properly? Is ceramic coating maintenance a necessity? Even the most […]

10 tips on how to photograph a car to make it look beautiful

When Ovid said that “The end crowns the work” he probably didn’t expect it would be used in the context of car photography. But here we are! After 2000 years, we know that car detailing isn’t crowned with applying the last layer of a ceramic coating but with a photo session, or at least a […]

How to clean and detail a car interior? Step by step guide

Hi! In the previous blog post, we described the best way to detail the car’s exterior. However, every automotive enthusiast knows that cleaning the outside is only half the battle. It doesn’t matter if the paint shines like a diamond when the interior scares away with dust, dirt, and rubbish…   For this reason, we’ve […]

What is a ceramic coating?

In recent years, ceramic coatings gained a lot of popularity in the automotive community. Boat and other vehicle owners are also becoming more and more interested in them. However, it is still unclear for many people what ceramic coatings are and what’s their purpose. In this article, we will explain: what are ceramic coatings, and […]

What does the ceramic coating protect against?

Flawlessly shiny rims and body are features that we mainly associate with brand new cars that have barely left the showroom. Most drivers agree with the generally accepted state of affairs that every couple thousands of kilometers bring a new flaw, chip, or discoloration of the paintwork. However, it’s not the only possible scenario.  Modern […]

Exterior car detailing. DIY

Are you considering leaving your car in the detailing studio and want to know the cleaning process step by step? Or maybe you want to take matters into your own hands and make the car shiny all by yourself? Regardless of what brought you here, we have prepared a list of activities that make up […]

How to advertise a car detailing studio on Facebook?

Regardless of how professional specialists we are and how willingly our clients recommend us, it is difficult to effectively scale a business without marketing. It is communication (for example, on Facebook) that reminds clients of our existence, helps attract future customers, and creates our image. In this article, we will tell you step by step […]

How much does detailing cost?

As it often happens with questions like this, the answer could be “it depends,” but giving evasive answers is not an Ultracoat way. So to the point. First of all, detailing is not just a fancy way for a car wash. It’s the process of cleaning, restoring, and securing the car, so there are many […]

What is car detailing?

The concept of auto detailing has already become a well-known term for automotive fans, but it is still easy to find uncertainties and misconceptions. We often come across questions about what can be considered detailing and what shouldn’t. This article will answer exactly the questions of what detailing is and what treatments are performed by […]

What services does the detailing studio offer?

Although the history of detailing is longer than the history of cars themselves (the first wax was made around 1800!), the term “detailing studio” is still vague for a regular Joe. Everyone knows what to expect from a “paint and body shop” or “car wash,” but from a “car detailer”? Not necessarily. Today, we want […]

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