Medium Cut

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Polishing compound with medium cutting power allowing to obtain a perfect surface finish. Designed primarily for single-stage paint polishing, ensuring both the removal of imperfections and the extraordinary appearance of the paint in one step. The formula based on water and aluminum oxide abrasive allows you to work without unnecessary dust, which significantly shortens the working time. The product does not contain fillers, silicones or waxes. Removes matting P2000-2500.

Ultracoat Medium Cut works best in combination with medium-hard polishing sponges. It is suitable for all types of polishing machines. Combined with a Dual Action machine, it leaves a great finish without holograms. The work is more enjoyable thanks to a subtle, fruity scent.

Tips: Shake before use. Use on a clean and cool surface. Apply 4-5 drops onto the polishing pad. Polish with moderate pressure. Work on elements approximately 50 x 50 cm in size. After polishing, remove any remaining compound with Ultracoat Finest Wipe.

  • Water-based formula - no dusting
  • One-step polishing
  • Quick and easy compounds removal

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