22 June 2021

How to advertise a car detailing studio on Facebook?

Regardless of how professional specialists we are and how willingly our clients recommend us, it is difficult to effectively scale a business without marketing. It is communication (for example, on Facebook) that reminds clients of our existence, helps attract future customers, and creates our image.

In this article, we will tell you step by step how to create a Facebook detailing studio fanpage and how to run it effectively, so it truly helps your business.

Getting started with Facebook page

We will start with the basics, but stay focused even if you have already set up a fanpage because you may have missed one of the crucial steps. So let’s go one by one. What information should definitely appear on your detailing studio Facebook page?

  1. The address, which is an absolute must-have. Customers need to know what to set up the GPS.
  2. Working hours for equally obvious reasons. However, remember to update the hours and inform customers on your page or in the form of a Facebook Story about any irregularities during holidays, renovations, and other exceptional circumstances.
  3. Contact details, primarily a phone number, but also an e-mail address and a link to the website (if you have one). You should also consider putting the phone number and e-mail in the footer of published posts. However, do not forget that customers will also contact you via Facebook chat (check your inbox regularly). The response time is critical, especially if someone asked a few detailing studios at the same time.
  4. Company description, a brief summary of who you are and what you do. It doesn’t have to be formal, but it has to be informative. The description must contain the essence of your business. 
  5. Services in the form of a list of the essential detailing services that you offer along with the price range. Services should be easily accessible to users as one of the main tabs on the company’s website. Here you can find instructions on how to add them.

  6. Reviews, but it wouldn’t be wise or appropriate to add those yourself 😉
    However, it is worth encouraging customers to leave a review on Facebook or Google. The more “detailed” (wink-wink), the better. Customer reviews create the image of your studio and help new customers decide which studio to choose. So make sure you get as many as possible (the positive ones, of course).

How to promote a fanpage and gain reach?

Okay, we got it. Fanpage designed to perfection and polished like a car body before applying the ceramic coating. What’s next? How to build reach and get precious likes?

There are many methods of building reach, free or otherwise. However, let’s focus on the most basic principles.

Make sure the photos are top-notch

It won’t be a shocker to anyone that good photos are eye-catching. In the case of the detailing business, though, their value is fundamental. Remember that a lot of your business is based on the fact that your customers’ cars look as great as ever. So make sure that the effect is visible in the photos you publish. They must emphasize that you are doing a great job in the studio, so the quality should significantly differ from the standard that we know from Autotrader or Craigslist. If you lack the equipment or photography skills, consider hiring a professional photographer who will provide you with material for a long time.

Post regularly

Running a fanpage only makes sense if it is systematic. There is no golden rule for an ideal posting schedule, but one thing can be said for sure. Facebook doesn’t like boredom and one post a week is an absolute minimum. According to the research, it is most optimal to publish at least 2-3 times a week, but not much more. There are known cases when posting two times a day resulted in a decrease in reach. In addition, frequent publications help build relationships with customers, which directly affects the fact that they will visit your studio more often. In short, the fanpage must be a living organism that regularly reminds fans of itself and responds to their comments.

Follow the latest trends

Stay up to date and follow the social media accounts of your competition. Other detailing studios can be a fantastic source of inspiration. Leave a like on fanpages of the most popular detailing salons, see what works and consider carrying out similar campaigns on your page. However, remember that not everything that has worked for others will necessarily be good for you. Don’t be a copycat!

What to post?

Following competitors’ social media will surely bring you a lot of ideas for posts, but regardless of the current trends, there are certain types of content you should always have a place for on your fanpage:

  1. Projects, the bread and butter of a detailing studio. The more interesting, the more they are worth showing off. Of course, not every post has to be about Lamborghini. Certainly, a photo session of the application of PPF foil on Fiat Multipla would also guarantee a fairly decent reach 😉
    It is also worth posting before/after comparisons, which will show how the washing and detailing protection differs from a visit to an ordinary car wash.
  2. Positive reviews and photos of satisfied customers. Nothing is more convincing than a good word and a smiling customer with his or her freshly polished car. If only the client agrees, why wouldn’t you brag about such a success story?

What to write about on the car detailing fanpage?

Just posting photos is not enough. They should be accompanied by a compelling and engaging copy. So what are the good topics for posts?

  1. The value of detailing services. Remember that not everyone knows detailing inside out, as you do. That is why you should educate customers about what services exactly you provide and what protection they provide.
  2. Tips for car care, how to take care of your vehicle at home.
  3. Descriptions of individual services and packages. From time to time, you should describe exactly what you are doing and how much it costs. Not too often, though, Facebook page is not a pricing board. There shouldn’t be too many of these.
  4. Stories about projects based on the problem/solution model. As they say, life writes the best stories. If a client came to you who had an extremely interesting or complex problem to solve, maybe it is worth describing in detail how you dealt with this task?

How to engage your fans?

Creating interesting, engaging is essential to building a loyal community. Informative posts or project reports can be beneficial and well-received by fans, but they are unlikely to cause any sort of positive storm in the comments. For this, you will need to show some creativity. For example, you can encourage post reactions with car comparisons or contests in which a full detailing service will be available to win. In such competitions, make sure to use such opportunities to the max, and document the entire detailing process with the winner and the car at a photoshoot.

Paid ads and post promotions

As you know, a large part of Facebook activities requires a cash transfer to Mr. Zuckerberg. Is it worth focusing on paid methods of fanpage promotion?

Should you promote posts?

In short: yes!

One of the most successful paid campaign examples is the “free paint inspection.” In such a campaign, you encourage potential customers to contact you and arrange a free paint inspection (and a paid car wash). After a service, the customer receives information about the condition of the car body and what treatment is recommended at this point.

You should also pay attention to what posts get a lot of feedback without promotion. The ones with the highest reach and like-count are the best candidates for paid promotion.

How to target promoted posts?

The most essential tips for promoting the detailing business are as follows:

  1. Promote locally. If you’re not widely famous yet and your studio doesn’t offer any unique services, you can keep your promotions local. Of course, it also depends on where your studio is located exactly and how much competition is nearby.
  2. Limit promotion to wealthy people. As you know, detailing services are ordered mainly by owners of expensive cars. This does not mean, of course, that every multimillionaire must own a Ferrari. A great example of this was F1 driver Carlos Sainz, who used to own Volkswagen Golf (although, as you might expect, it wasn’t a Golf IV 1.6 or any similar version).
  3. Target interests that make sense – motorization will, of course, be the most common, but we recommend trying less obvious interest groups. It should be a good idea to target other interests that wealthy people focus on, such as sailing, tennis, watches, and people who often travel abroad.

How much should you spend on promotion?

There is no definite answer to this question, but the best advice is to “use your budget wisely.” Spending too low usually won’t bring you any benefit, and spending a fortune on a one-off basis can make too many people contact you in a short time, forcing you to schedule far-reaching dates. Instead of making a profit, it will damage your opinion.

In addition, if you have a website, it’s a good idea to carry out remarketing activities, i.e., displaying ads to people who visited your website. In order to do it, you will need to implement Facebook Pixel. You can find out more about it here.

Is it worth hiring an agency to run your Facebook page?

Unfortunately, there is no simple answer to this question. The optimal solution is undoubtedly to run the profile yourself, but it requires time, knowledge, and commitment. Of course, hiring an external agency involves an additional cost, but that is not the only risk. A common problem in this type of cooperation is the lack of understanding of the detailing business on the part of the agency. That results in ill-advised decisions, ineffective communication, and of course, wasted budget. The market of social media agencies is highly saturated and it is difficult to find one that will get involved in your project and understand the industry. And if you do find one, it certainly won’t be cheap.

We recommend that you start acting on your own, follow the actions of those who already have successful Facebook pages, and, above all, be regular.

If you have additional tips and interesting solutions that worked in your case, be sure to let us know in the comment section below.

We wish you good luck and millions of reach;)

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Greg Detailer
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