Purple Blaze
    edgeless, closed-pile microfiber for degreasing surfaces, washing windows and buffing off waxes and polishing compounds.
    Yellow Bahama
    Edgeless microfiber with a blend of 70/30, a weight of 250 GSM and versatile use for work inside and outside vehicles.
    Extremely comfortable applicator for ceramic coatings made of a rectangular sponge and trimmed with a delicate microfiber.
    Soft Touch
    A comfortable and durable vehicle washing mitt made of the highest quality Korean microfiber.
    Silky Finish
    Fluffy microfiber for removing polishing paste residues from car paint, buffing off waxes and sealants and as an aid in drying.
    Gentle Buff
    Short-pile microfiber for universal use. Especially recommended for work with paint, buffing of ceramic coatings and car interior care.
    Applicator Pads
    Extremely delicate microfibre pads for the application of ceramic coatings and other detailing solutions.

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