Spotless Fabric 2.0

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Ultracoat Spotless Fabric 2.0 is a safe and effective impregnator for car upholstery, convertible tops and other surfaces covered in fabric. It penetrates deep into the structure of the upholstery and protects it from everyday dirt, and thanks to its hydrophobic properties, it prevents stains from penetrating the fabric structure.

Spotless Fabric does not contain solvents, so you can safely use it inside your vehicle and at home. The product does not leave an intense synthetic smell, which will allow you to enjoy driving a clean car immediately after impregnation and drying.

It is worth noting that you can impregnate with it not only the interior of the car, but also home and garden furnishings, as well as footwear and clothing. In short: all textile surfaces!

  1. Make sure the surface is dry and clean.
  2. Apply the product evenly with the included sprayer.
  3. The surface should be visibly moistened, but not soaked.
  4. Allow to dry completely.

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