Ultracoat Polishing – new product line!

Check our innovative polishing compounds! Brand new formula, high efficiency, fantastic performance. Polishing Made Easy.

Meet innovative Ultracoat products Most reliable detailing solutions
Fine Cut
Finishing polishing paste for removing small scratches and holograms from paint. Perfect for the final stage of paint correction.
Medium Cut
Polishing compound with medium cutting power allowing obtaining a perfect surface finish in one polishing step.
Heavy Cut
Polishing paste based on water and aluminum oxide for deep scratches, faded paints and removing paint dust.
Finest Wipe
Is a final inspection liquid. A product designed for degreasing the surface before application of ceramic coatings, waxes and sealants.
Magnite is a 4-year SiO2-based ceramic coating for the protection of paintwork, vinyl films, PPF and plastics.
A ceramic coating that is very easy to apply to protect the paint. Provides spectacular shine, high slipperiness and a strong hydrophobic effect.
Wide range of detailing solutions Effective in every step of detailing

Car cleaning products. Surface preparation. Polishing. Cosmetics and accessories.

Wide range of protective solutions, including ceramic coatings, dedicated to every part to your vehicle.

Comprehensive solutions for enjoyable maintenance of your vehicle.

Introduction Meet Ultracoat

We are the automotive passionates who create the most advanced ceramic coatings, car cosmetics and accessories dedicated to every step of the detailing process.

We strive to constantly improve our products so they meet the highest quality standards in terms of performance, effectiveness and pricing. We value long-term relationships with our business partners, fair marketing and the passion for our industry and our everyday work.

Ultracoat – Created to Enjoy Detailing.



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Ultracot life Blog

Regular posts about detailing industry.

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How to remove a ceramic coating?

The application of a ceramic coating isn’t always successful, especially for beginners. High spots are a nightmare of every home detailer who hoped for a perfect glow but left the paint with a few imperfections.  To ensure good sleep for all petrolheads like ourselves, we have prepared a short guide, thanks to which you will […]

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