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Ceramic Soap – SiO₂ Infused Hydrophobic Shampoo

Ceramic Soap is a highly hydrophobic, concentrated shampoo with a high content of SiO₂. Ideal for the care of cars protected with ceramic coatings, waxes, PPF foils and vinyl foils, on which it significantly enhances the gloss, gives a very strong hydrophobic effect and increases the slipperiness of the surface. It will also work great as a stand-alone protection.

Ceramic Soap provides a full spectrum of possibilities not only by using it as a traditional car shampoo, when it gives high slipperiness and delicate foam, but also by applying it from a foam gun. The product can be used on all external surfaces of the car. The work is made more pleasant by the smell of bubble gum.

Ceramic Soap will be perfect as the culmination of an authentic detailing wash, both in a professional studio and in the garage of every enthusiast of clean cars.

  • Strong hydrophobic effect
  • Application by a wash mitt or a foam gun
  • High gloss and sliperiness
Available capacities
  • 500ml
  • 5l
  1. Pre-wash, f.e. with active foam.
  2. In the case of dirty cars, wash the car first with regular shampoo.
  3. Prepare a working solution. Pour 50 ml of the product into 5 liters of warm water (1:100) or 50 ml per 450 ml (1:10) if you apply the product with a foam gun.
  4. Spread the product with a clean glove or apply it with a foam gun. 
  5. Wait 30 seconds, rinse the entire car thoroughly and dry with a towel or compressed air.

Do not work in direct sunlight. When operating in a warm environment, work on small elements, not allowing the product to dry. Use the shampoo regularly to maintain the perfect hydrophobic effect.

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