What is the difference between Ultracoat paint protection products?

Ultracoat offers many solutions to protect almost all external and internal surfaces of cars, motorcycles, boats and aeroplanes. As specialists in the field of paint protection, we offer a wide range of solutions that differ in gloss level, hydrophobicity, level of slickness and, above all, durability. In this blog, we will try to bring these solutions closer and present the differences between them, so that you can easily choose a product tailored to your needs.


Ceramic Q-Detailer

Is a quick detailer with the addition of SiO2. It acts as the icing on the cake after each good detailing wash. It improves the water-repellent effect, and gives a lot of shine and slipperiness, but does not last long. In order to maintain the perfect effect, the process should be repeated quite often – once every few weeks. Ceramic Q-Detailer can also be used to remove dust from the surface and is helpful in removing fresh limescale stains, the so-called water spots. It is a product that, along with good microfiber, should always be in the car in case you need to urgently remove any small impurities.

Consumption: 30-50 ml / 1 car.

Durability: 4-8 weeks


Bead Prince

Is the fastest paint protection option to be used after washing the car, on still wet elements. It is enough to apply the product with a sprayer and rinse thoroughly with water under pressure. It will protect the paint of your car for a good 2-3 months. Bead Prince gives the surface a strong water-repellent effect and enhances shine and slipperiness. During application, you do not have to limit yourself to only the varnish, because it will also work successfully on glass or plastics. This is a great option for the maintenance of cars protected with a ceramic coating. It can be used even after each washing because after all, there is never too much protection! 🙂

Consumption 100-150 ml / 1 car

Durability: 2-3 months


Scoat v2

Is another product with an atomizer for easy and quick application. It significantly improves the slipperiness of the surface and gives a very nice shine. Due to its durability for up to 6 months, it can be used as a budget option of a top coat on a hard ceramic coating (One / Premium Bond 9H), but it will also work well as independent protection. Our tests show that the additional layer of Scoat v2 creates effective protection against water spots which are exceptionally easy to remove from its surface. We recommend this product to people who keep their car in the open air and often clean the car with touchless washes! The application of Scoat v2 every few months + regular care with Ceramic Q-Detailer will solve your problem with water spots!

Consumption: 20-30 ml / 1 car

Durability: 4-6 months



Due to the higher content of SiO2 and additions of hydrocarbons, it is the first product from the list that can be called a ceramic coating. It gives a good level of UV protection, significantly improves the shine on any surface, and the hydrophobic effect of this coating is simply spectacular. With great visual and utility properties, it is extremely easy to apply, so we recommend it to people who want a great result with a low amount of work. If you want to start your adventure with ceramic coatings, but are concerned about the application – this is the perfect product to get started!

Consumption: 15 ml / medium size car

Durability: up to 12 months

Ceramic Set (One + Hydro HD)

It is a combination of two products ensuring long-lasting paint protection and great visual properties. One is a hard ceramic coating with high silica content. It fills the pores of the varnish and creates an additional barrier that protects the paint against oxidation, thanks to which it retains its gloss for years after application. We use Hydro HD to improve the resistance to water spots and harsh chemicals and also to make the coating smooth. The application of both products is relatively easy, but requires a bit of experience and more time than in the case of the above-mentioned products.

Consumption: 15/20 ml of both products / 1 car.

Durability: up to 3 years, 40,000 km


Premium Ceramic Set (Premium Bond 9H + Hydro HD)

Is the best option to protect paint with ceramic coatings. Premium Bond 9H has the highest silica content in its composition, making it the most durable product in our assortment. It leaves the thickest layer of coating on the varnish and contains all the advantages of Ceramic Set, ensuring more effective protection and longer durability. This makes this product an ideal option for users who drive a lot or simply want to provide their cars with the best ceramic protection available. Premium Ceramic Set is available only from accredited partners of Ultracoat Professionals who will complete training in the application of our ceramic coatings.

Consumption: 15/20 ml of both products / 1 car

Lifetime: up to 5 years or 100,000 km mileage


We are constantly working on new solutions for the daily care and protection of your vehicles. The offer is already tailored so that, regardless of expectations and budget, each user can find a product suitable for himself.


What is your patent for paint protection and daily care? Show your story in the comments below! 

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