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Soft Touch – Premium Microfibre Wash Mitt

A comfortable and durable vehicle washing mitt made of the highest quality Korean microfiber. The delicate structure of the fibres guarantees the high safety of the cleaned surface and easy rinsing of dirt from the glove. Inside the Soft Touch, there is a double-sided sponge that perfectly absorbs water with shampoo, providing high slip during washing and facilitating work.

Additional stitching inside the glove provides a secure grip, which, together with a well-fitted welt, guarantees comfortable work. Careful workmanship and very strong seams ensure the high durability of the product.


Weight: 1500 GSM

Size: 18×28 cm

Blend: 85/15 Polyester/polyamide

Made in Korea 


  • Cars
  • Motorcycles
  • Boats

Do not bleach or use fabric softener. Washing in high heat above 60ºC may cause fabric deformation or damage. Do not leave the Mitt in the wet bucket after wash. Rinse well in running water and hang to dry. 

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