11 May 2021

What services does the detailing studio offer?

Although the history of detailing is longer than the history of cars themselves (the first wax was made around 1800!), the term “detailing studio” is still vague for a regular Joe. Everyone knows what to expect from a “paint and body shop” or “car wash,” but from a “car detailer”? Not necessarily.

Today, we want to meet the needs of those who have heard of this term but don’t fully know what services such studios offer. We will break down all protection and renovation treatments that make up the shining gems you happen to see on the streets or at car exhibitions.

Let’s go!


External washing

Basic service for every car detailer there is. Usually, it’s the first step to more advanced detailing procedures, such as polishing the paint or applying the ceramic coating. Still, you can easily find a studio where washing the car is a service like any other.

Washing a car in a detailing studio can take up to several hours. Detailers use specialized accessories and cosmetics dedicated to car cleanings. The washing consists of the car’s body and the rims, inner wheel arches, door jambs, car cowls, and emblems.

Side note: don’t be surprised if you fail to find “car wash” services on a detailer’s website. Many studios assume that the car is “washed” at a car wash, and what they do is a “car spa” and such. And we couldn’t agree more.


Interior detailing

If you can refresh the car outside, why not be able to do it inside too? Detailing studios specialize in cleaning the interior of vehicles, which includes brushing and vacuuming the cockpit and trunk and washing and degreasing windows, along with all other surfaces inside the car.

Thorough cleaning is completed with the application of dedicated products, such as Interior Q-Detailer, which protect plastics against UV, keep dust off the surfaces and ensure that the interior looks clean and fresh.

Professional studios use special extraction vacuum cleaners. Interior detailing service also includes ozonation of the vehicle and impregnation of the cleaned surfaces.


Upholstery and leather renovation

Upholstery that still smells like new after a few years is one of the most rewarding aspects of having a car. The detailer’s internal cleaning may include rug washing, as well as cleaning and impregnating the upholstery. Studios use dedicated upholstery cleaners, and the result is not only a visually refreshed but also a mechanically resistant surface. Mainly against damages resulting from everyday use (scratches, discoloration).

Additionally, you can fully renovate the leather in a detailing studio. An experienced team will restore its former glow, even if there are significant cracks on it. Renovating the upholstery is much less expensive than replacing it with a new one, and the effect can be equally satisfying. Not to mention that you maintain the original material! 


Polishing the paint

Abrasions, scratches, dents, lost glow? We feel you. Detailing studios specialize in repairing this type of damage by polishing (correcting) the paint. This is one of the finest detailing arts that requires experience, patience, precision, and, of course, professional polishing machines and products. The procedure lasts from 1 up to even 3 days and is divided into several stages. Polishing covers such parts of the car as lamps, chrome, emblems, and exhaust tips.


Application of protective coatings

You can protect your car with various types of protective coatings in the detailing studio. They are special chemicals that protect the bodywork against dirt, UV radiation, bird droppings, or road salt. Due to their hydrophobic properties (meaning repelling water molecules from each other, or just “water resistance”), the coatings also make the daily care of the car easier.

Ceramic coatings are the most popular. They perfectly protect vehicles and provide greater depth and a beautiful shine of the paint. The durability of ceramic coatings is calculated in years. Depending on the type of coating and the number of applied layers, your car can be protected and look brand-new for up to 5 years.

The ceramic coating is also applied to the rims, windows, or the interior of the car. If you happen to be in Poland and are looking for a long-term application team, be sure to check out our trained Ultracoat Professionals group. We vouch for the quality of their work.


Paint Protection Film

Another method of protecting cars against external factors is PPF (Paint Protection Film). Most detailing studios also apply them. Such films protect the vehicle against scratches, stains, contaminants, chips, bug debris, tar, and harmful environmental elements like salt water. 

The most popular PPF service is the so-called “Bikini cut”. It covers wrapping parts of the car that are the most exposed to injuries – the front of the hood, fenders, bumper, mirrors, and lamps. However, suppose you want more or even complete protection, you can easily cover the entire front or even the entire car, including the roof, side, and rear.


Sale of detailing accessories and cosmetics

Most professional car detailing studios also sell the products they use daily. Microfiber cloths, sponges, gloves, ceramic car coatings and daily care chemicals – you can find it all in a detailing studio. And if you ever find Ultracoat products on the shelf, give the store owner a high five, please!


Detailing of other vehicles

Man does not live by cars alone! Detailing studios are increasingly opening up to two-wheelers and boat enthusiasts. After all, motorcycles and boat owners also want their little ones to look beautiful on the road or in the water and at the same time to be protected during the season.


Other services

Some of them are included in the services we have mentioned above, and some you can order separately:

  • Smart Repair (dent removal)
  • Ozonation and fumigation
  • Cleaning and polishing the headlights
  • Rims’ detailing and renovation
  • Polishing and protecting the windows
  • Cleaning the engine compartment
  • Chrome renovation
  • Cleaning and impregnation of convertible roofs


Ready to hop in?

Remember that apart from the services mentioned above, detailing studios are also a great place to ask any questions about car care and protection. Most of them are run by car lovers who will happily share their best knowledge and experience.

Or just have a casual talk about wheels. 🙂


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