Premium Bond 9H

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Premium Bond 9H is the most advanced ceramic coating in the Ultracoat offer. It is used to protect almost any smooth surface, therefore it is used not only for work with cars but also for the protection of elements of boats and airplanes.

After application, the product deeply penetrates the surface structure, fills the micropores and hardens, taking the form of a ceramic coating. Premium Bond 9H bonds with the paint by means of covalent bonds, which means not only the creation of an outer protective layer but above all, a permanent connection with the paint structure.

A coating designed in such a way effectively protects the surface against UV radiation and oxidation, which allows to maintain the perfect gloss of the paint and avoid discolouration or fading. The coating has a strong chemical resistance and makes it much easier to remove difficult contaminants such as bird droppings, insect residues and road salt in winter.

Importantly for professionals, we have designed the coating so that its application is comfortable even in very demanding conditions, without strictly controlled temperature or humidity. In addition, sufficiently high content of active ingredients in the product ensures its highest efficiency.

Users of Premium Bond 9H protected cars are guaranteed excellent gloss and color depth of the paint for years after application. The product allows you to maintain natural beauty and elegance long after leaving the detailing studio. That is why it is so important to take care of adequate protection right after buying a new car.

The highest level of hydrophobic properties will satisfy users who take care of regular care themselves. After curing, Premium Bond 9H creates a network of nanoparticles that effectively repels dirt and water. This spectacular effect is not only visual but also practical – everyday care of a car protected with our coating is quick and child’s play.

Premium Bond 9H in conjunction with proper maintenance will allow you to enjoy the perfect look of your car for years from its application, significantly facilitate everyday care and help maintain the high value of the car.

  • Extreme durability - up to 100.000 km milage!
  • Effective paint protection
  • Beautiful color depth
Available capacities
  • 30ml
  • 50ml

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