28 July 2021

What does the ceramic coating protect against?

Flawlessly shiny rims and body are features that we mainly associate with brand new cars that have barely left the showroom. Most drivers agree with the generally accepted state of affairs that every couple thousands of kilometers bring a new flaw, chip, or discoloration of the paintwork. However, it’s not the only possible scenario. 

Modern drivers can use technology to their advantage to keep the original condition for as long as it’s possible – something like ceramic coating, for example. 

But what exactly is the benefit of ceramic coatings? What does the ceramic coating protect against?

What exactly are ceramic coatings?

Applying ceramic coating is one of the most popular services provided by detailing studios. You can read more about other detailing services here, but for now, let’s focus on the topic at hand. 

The ceramic coating is a protective layer applied to the paint, windshield, or rims in the form of a liquid solution. Car owners use ceramic coatings for their aesthetic, protective, and practical reasons. Their purpose is to make the car look good and remain in the best condition for many years. Depending on the type of coating, their durability can differ. For example:

Importantly, before applying the coating, it is necessary to clean, polish the surface, and sometimes even thoroughly renovate it (depending on the degree of damage or natural wear). Ceramic coatings should be applied only on smooth surfaces. 

powłoka kwarcowa na felgi

It is also worth noting that this type of protection isn’t used only in cars but also in motorcycles, boats, and even helicopters. Additionally, some detailing studios call this method “quartz coatings,” but it means exactly the same treatment. The term originated from one of the main components of ceramic solutions, quartz (SiO₂)

What does the ceramic coating protect against?

One of the most common questions detailers are asked is, “is it worth protecting the car body with ceramics?” and they’re immediately ready to answer “YES.” We agree with that, but we would like to elaborate a bit more on that. You should know that a vehicle protected by a ceramic coating does not become a bulletproof, indestructible Terminator or a tank. So what kind of protection does it provide?

Micro-scratches – although the ceramic coating does not protect against mechanical damage, the smooth layer it creates facilitates washing and drying, resulting in fewer micro-scratches during washing. It also makes car paint renovation much more manageable.

Loss of color – the sun’s rays can be very damaging to the original paintwork, but the ceramic coating is a UV filter, which helps to maintain the vivid, original color. 

Bird droppings – this is one of the most common and troublesome causes of paint damage. They are especially dangerous during the hot summer months while there are very high-temperature amplitudes. Ceramic coatings prevent feces from penetrating the surface of the car body and prevent severe damage.

Road salt – a significant threat to the car body during snowy days. It can lead to structural damage and causes corrosion. Ceramics serves as a protective coat and reduces the adhesion of snow, ice, and water to the car body thanks to its water-repellent properties.

Corrosion – damage and oxidation are the main causes of rust spread. The ceramic coating minimizes the risk of both of these factors.

In addition to the security value, ceramic coatings provide several other advantages. First, the visual effect. After polishing and covering with a layer of ceramics, rims, body, or glass, have an impressive shine. 

Additionally, thanks to them, you do not have to visit the car wash so often. As we have already mentioned, the hydrophobic properties of the solutions mean that much less dirt sticks to the car body. Obviously, the car will still get dirty, but a bit slower.

What does the ceramic coating NOT protect against?

As we’ve already established, there are quite a few risks that ceramic coatings can avoid. It should be noted, however, for what risks the ceramic coating is not enough.

Mechanical damage (stones, chips of gravel, scratches with metal tools) – in short, ceramics may not be enough during an off-road trip. For the same reason, it is not a good idea to park your car if your neighbor is mowing the grass nearby. The mower can easily shoot a pebble lying on the ground with a deadly speed for the windshield or the body.

Yes, I’ve learned it the hard way.

The need to wash the car

The characteristics of ceramic coatings prevent the car from getting dirty so quickly, but let’s not get our hopes too high. After a few rainy or muddy days, the moment will inevitably come when the car begs to be washed. However, remember not to delay it too long. The longer we leave the car dirty, the more we risk damaging the bodywork. It should also be remembered that ceramic coatings have limited durability, and it is worth going for a paint inspection to a detailing studio once every few months.

And if you haven’t applied a coating to your car’s paint yet, here, you will find a list of detailers with our coatings. 

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