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Fresh Maker is an all-around cleaner for caring for all interior parts of the car. Among other interior cleaners, the product is distinguished by the fact that it can be used on plastic elements, cockpit and varnished elements, as well as on glass, on which it does not leave streaks.

Our interior cleaner will also work well when caring for upholstery – both textile and leather. The product has high foaming properties, which ensures safe operation and effective cleaning. Fresh Maker restores the natural appearance of the surface as it leaves no additional finish.

You will not find any pictograms on the label. It is safe not only for the surface but, above all for you! Perfect for everyday care, so it is always worth having it in the car with microfiber in case of unpleasant surprises or the need to remove any dirt quickly. It has a pleasant tropical fragrance.

  • Multi-surface - suitable for plastics, upholstery and glass!
  • Strong foaming properties
  • Safe for the surface and the user
Available capacities
  • 500ml
  • 5l
  1. Apply the product to the surface to be cleaned.
  2. Work out the product with a brush or microfiber.
  3. Remove excess product along with dirt with clean microfiber.

The use of accessories dedicated to a given surface, e.g. leather brush or microfiber for windows, enhances the product’s effectiveness. Do not leave the product to dry. Work out of direct sunlight.

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