Tar & Glue Remover

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Product designed for special tasks, necessary in the process of cleaning cars before polishing the paint or during ceramic coating services. It evaporates slowly ensuring the long-lasting process of dissolving dirt like glue or tar. While it has very strong cleaning properties, it remains safe not only for the coatings, paint or wheels but for the plastics as well. Tar & Glue Remover will find its application in professional car detailing services and at the garages of detailing hotheads.

  • Quick dirt dissolution
  • Long working time - evaporates slowly
  • Safe for plastics
Available capacities
  • 500ml
  • 5l
  • Always wear protective clothes and nitrile gloves.
  • Always test the product on the small, not visible spot.
  • The product works best when applied on a dry surface.
  • Avoid drying of the product on the cleaning surface.
  1. Apply the product starting from the bottom to the top.
  2. Leave the product for 1-2 minutes.
  3. Rinse the product using a pressure washer and wash the surface using Shampoo+.
  4. If necessary repeat 1-3 steps.

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