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Bead Prince – Extremely Hydrophobic Wet Coat

Bead Prince is a highly hydrophobic product based on SiO2 for application on wet car parts. Perfect for use as stand-alone protection and strengthening of waxes and protective coatings, which additionally increases the hydrophobic effect.

Our Wet Coat is incredibly quick and easy to apply, and thanks to the durability of up to 3 months, it is recommended to be used instead of waxes. Bead Prince gives the surface a shine and significantly improves its slipperiness. The strong water repellency ensures that drying is considerably easier. The product is multi-surface. It is suitable for application on paint, rims, windows and plastics.

Bead Prince is the perfect solution for people who value time and ensure an ideal hydrophobic effect.

  • Quick & Easy application
  • Extremely strong hydrophobic effect
  • Surface slipperiness and additional gloss
Available capacities
  • 500ml
  • 5l
  1. Wash the car thoroughly.
  2. Perform decontamination if necessary.
  3. Apply the product on the wet surface, one panel at a time.
  4. After a few seconds, rinse the surface thoroughly and repeat the process over the entire vehicle.
  5. Dry the car thoroughly with a microfiber towel.

Work on cool paint, away from direct sunlight. Apply the product on individual elements and rinse them off before starting the next one. Do not let the product dry on. If the surface is already highly hydrophobic, you can additionally spread the product with a microfiber cloth. Remember to dry the car thoroughly.

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