Ceramic Q-Detailer

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Ceramic Q-Detailer – Quick & Slick Hydrophobic Spray

Ceramic Q-Detailer is a product with a high SiO2 content for quick and effective care of the paintwork and other external elements of the car. Perfect as single protection and as a product for regular maintenance of ceramic coatings.

It provides the surface with a phenomenal shine, brings out the depth of color and gives it a high level of slipperiness. Fans of perfect droplets will be pleased with the strong hydrophobicity, which lasts for a few weeks after application.

Working with Ceramic Q-Detailer is very simple. The product does not leave streaks, and its buffing is quick and easy. You can do it on both wet and dry varnish. Ceramic Q-Detailer supports drying all elements, even windows, and is the first aid in removing fresh water spots.

  • Strong hydrophobicity
  • Easy application on wet and dry paint
  • Perfect gloss and slipperiness of the paint
Available capacities
  • 500ml
  • 5l
  1. Thoroughly wash the car before the application.
  2. Apply the product to the surface and microfiber cloth.
  3. Spread and polish with the dry side of the microfiber cloth.

Never apply in direct sunlight and do not leave the product to dry. Use a fair amount of the product to ensure its best properties. The product can be layered. We recommend applying generously on wet paint and wiping thoroughly with a microfiber towel. Gently work out the product with a microfiber cloth to remove fresh water spots.

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