Spotless Fabric 2.0
    Safe and effective impregnation for car upholstery and convertible roofs. It penetrates deeply into the structure of the upholstery and protects it against everyday dirt, and thanks to its hydrophobic properties, it prevents stains from penetrating into the structure of the material.
    Magnite is a 4-year SiO2-based ceramic coating for the protection of paintwork, vinyl films, PPF and plastics.
    A ceramic coating that is very easy to apply to protect the paint. Provides spectacular shine, high slipperiness and a strong hydrophobic effect.
    Ceramic Set
    It is a two-component set of protective coatings. Contains One ceramic coating and Hydro HD top coat.
    Bead Prince
    A coating for application on wet car parts. It gives an extremely strong hydrophobic effect, and the paint becomes slippery and extra shine.
    Ceramic Breeze
    Ceramic Breeze is an easy-to-apply ceramic coating to protect boats, jet skis and other vessels.
    Premium Bond 9H
    Advanced ceramic coating for professional use. Available exclusively at Ultracoat Professionals detailing centres.
    Highly hydrophobic protective coating for all glass surfaces. Perfect to protect car screens and windows creating a so-called “invisible wiper” effect.
    Extremely versatile ceramic coating. Quick and easy to apply. Perfect gloss, easy maintenance and efficient protection.
    Hydro HD
    A perfect topper for hard base coating. Maximum slipperiness and very high hydrophobic properties.
    Metal Guard
    The most durable metal coating on detailing market. Easy application, beautiful gloss and effortless maintenance.
    Scoat v2 – Limited Edition
    A versatile protective coating designed to apply in every condition. Excellent hydrophobic properties, slipperiness and shine.

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