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Bubble Shock – Sicilian Orange Sour Shampoo

Bubble Shock is a shampoo for the care of surfaces protected with ceramic coatings. It has an acidic pH, which is ideal for regular care and coating services. Effectively separates dirt from the surface, restoring the original properties of protective coatings.

We balanced the power of the product in such a way as to maintain safety for ceramic coatings, and at the same time significantly improve the removal of mineral deposits from the surface. Bubble Shock in high concentration can also be used as a Water Spot Remover.

The product can be used both during traditional washing with the two-buckets method, but also as a prewash by applying it with a foam gun.

Bubble Shock is characterized by great efficiency. Even a small amount of it provides a large amount of thick foam, which gives a high slip during washing, which positively affects surface safety. The rinsing is quick and trouble-free. The sweet and sour smell of Sicilian orange makes the work even more pleasant.

1:4 for removing mineral deposits

1:9 to be used with a foam gun as an active foam

1:200 for servicing ceramic coatings

1:500 for regular washing

  1. Rinse the car with pressurised water.
  2. Prepare a working solution.
  3. Wash the car from top to bottom with a mitt.
  4. Rinse thoroughly with pressurised water.

Always use personal protective equipment. Do not work in direct sunlight. Do not allow the product to dry on the surface. When removing water spots, apply the product to the surface, work it out with the applicator and after a few minutes remove it with Ultracoat Finest Wipe.

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