Can I apply ceramic coatings at home conditions?

Yes! We need to remember though about a couple of essential elements. First of all, remember about your safety! Tools like breathing apparatus, nitrile gloves and safety clothes are mandatory. The next thing is to work in well-prepared placed. The ideal condition to apply ceramic coatings are in a closed room with a temperature around 20 degrees, approx. 60% humidity and excellent ventilation. If you cover all these requirements, you can start to think about the independent application.

A critical step of application ceramic coating is adequate preparation of the surface. Inside each of our protective solutions, you will find precise instruction manual, which will lead you to step by step on how to prepare the surface. You can find more information on our website and each product description.

Please note: if one of the steps is too difficult for you, do not hesitate to use the help of local professional detailers!

In case when all of the above steps are nice and easy for you, we are entirely sure that the coating process itself will be like the frosting on the cake for you. Simply follow the steps on the included manual, and you will soon enjoy the perfectly finished surface.
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