How to prepare a car before applying ceramic coating?

The proper preparation of the surface is the key to success! The correct application of ceramic coatings is strictly connected to correct surface preparation. You will find specific information about the preparation of each surface in our instruction manual attached to the products. However, we can still distinguish a few necessary steps must always be done before the ceramic coat application:

  • Multistage, deep wash
  • Chemical decontamination
  • Clay bar
  • Surface correction – polishing paint, wheels and glass
  • Degreasing
4 June 2024 How to get started with Ultracoat products? A guide.

Get to know our brand Ultracoat is a renowned manufacturer of high-end ceramic coatings, car cosmetics, polishes and detailing accessories. Our products are recognised by both professionals and detailing enthusiasts. Detailers praise our solutions due to their easy application, reliability and reasonable price. Ceramic coatings Ultracoat ceramic coatings are synonymous with protection and durability. Our […]
22 June 2022 What is the difference between Ultracoat paint protection products?

Ultracoat offers many solutions to protect almost all external and internal surfaces of cars, motorcycles, boats and aeroplanes. As specialists in the field of paint protection, we offer a wide range of solutions that differ in gloss level, hydrophobicity, level of slickness and, above all, durability. In this blog, we will try to bring these […]
11 January 2022 How to get more customers from referrals?

You probably won’t be surprised if we told you that many, if not most, of the auto detailing customers come from recommendations. Nothing encourages people to visit a detailing studio as much as a recommendation from a trusted person, satisfied with the service. From a business perspective, referrals are also the best and cheapest source […]

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