A product designed to remove metallic dirt, brake dust, and volatile rust. The gel-like consistency of the product ensures a long active time. The product has a neutral pH level which makes it safe for paint, wheels, chrome, rubber, glass, and most important for you. It evokes the well-known effect of “bleeding wheels”. It quickly and deeply penetrates the surface, which is why the final result of cleaning can be seen just a couple seconds after application. All the dirt easily comes off of the surface leaving it dirt-free.

  • Nice marzipan smell
  • Safe for every surface thanks to neutral pH
  • Perfect for paint and wheels
Available capacities
  • 500ml
  • 5l
  • Always wear protective clothes and nitrile gloves.
  • Always test the product on the small, not visible spot.
  • The product works best when applied on a dry surface.
  • Avoid drying of the product on the cleaning surface.
Method of use
  1. Apply the product starting from the bottom to the top.
  2. Wait for the “bleeding effect” to be visible on the whole surface.
  3. Work out the product using a brush or an Applicator Pad
  4. Rinse the product using a pressure washer.
  5. If necessary repeat the 1-4 steps.
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