Ultracoat Professionals

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Take your business to the next level by acquiring knowledge about the sale of services and application of ceramic coatings.

Couple of words about us

We are a brand with an established position in the detailing market. Since 2015, we have been providing professional solutions for over 100 accredited Ultracoat Professionals detailers.

We always work with our partners on a partnership basis. Check out the most important benefits of joining the group of accredited Ultracoat detailers.

Ultracoat Coatings & Car Cosmetics

When designing our products, we make sure that they are easy and pleasant to apply, provide reliable quality, and are affordable.

We offer protective coatings that vary in the degree of durability and depend on the depth of your customers pocket. We provide not only comprehensive protective solutions to protect each element of the vehicle but also high-end cosmetics for daily care that you can add to the offer for your customers!

Marketing Materials

Ultracoat Professionals partners can count on a constant supply of leaflets describing the benefits of ceramic coatings, service cards, banners, roll-ups or even illuminated panels. We also regularly organize promotional campaigns in which we add interesting gadgets, such as sunbeds and mugs, free of charge.

Do you need graphic materials? We have everything prepared and we will be happy to adapt it to your needs!

Attractive discounts and payment terms

Our UC Pro Detailers can count on high discounts from the beginning of cooperation. Additionally, you will always have the opportunity to improve your pricing conditions by reaching mutually agreed turnover thresholds.

We know how important flexible payment terms are. With us, you can always count on individual treatment and timing adjustments to your needs.


Additional Benefits and Financial Conditions...

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