We create products which
make you enjoy every step of
the detailing process.

Finest Wipe
Dette er et effektivt avfettingsmiddel for avfetting av lakk før påføring av beskyttende lakk og voks. Det fordamper jevnt og er ikke aggressivt mot overflaten.
Magnite er et 4-årig SiO2-basert keramisk belegg for beskyttelse av lakk, vinylfilmer, PPF og plast.
Keramisk lakkbeskyttelse som er svært enkel å påføre. Gir en spektakulær glans, høy glatthet og en svært sterk hydrofob effekt.


We trade with the biggest players in the detailing industry. Check, what we can do for your business!

Learn the value of our products on your car. Take care of your paint, wheels and interior.

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Introduction Meet Ultracoat

You are in a good place! We are also a group of detailing enthusiasts, which take care of their cars and follow the newest trends and detailing solutions.

Out of that passion, back in 2015, we created Ultracoat – a brand of professional detailing solutions created both for Pros and simple detailing enthusiasts. For the last couple of years, we deliver our solutions to more than 100 professional detailing studios and 20 detailing stores across Europe.

We love cars. Especially when they are clean and shiny. Especially, when their cleaning is nice and easy and thanks to regular maintenance they keep their high value for much longer. However, it’s not only about the products. By organizing regular training we take care of the highest quality standards in our partners detailing studios.


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Ultracot life Blog

Regular posts about detailing industry.

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