Wash & Coat Set

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Wash & Coat Set is a set of Ultracoat ceramic coatings to protect all exterior elements of the car, along with free cosmetics that will help you prepare the surface for the application of ceramics.

By using the coatings included in the set, you will provide 3-year protection of paint, rims, plastics and windows on your car. The capacities of the products have been selected so that they are enough for you to secure even the largest passenger car.

In addition, only now, you will receive a FREE set of 6 Ultracoat cosmetics with the coating set, each of which is necessary when preparing the car for the application of ceramic coatings. The set includes Shampoo+, which you can use for both pre-wash and main wash, APC+, Tar & Glue Remover for decontamination, Quartz Tire Dressing for tires and the new Bead Prince, which will ensure a regular hydrophobic effect after washing a protected car.

Offer available while stocks last.

Wash & Coat Set includes:


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