Scoat v2

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The highly versatile protective coating based on fluoropolymer and Si02. It is perfect as a reload for ceramic coatings because it gives the surface very hydrophobic properties and maximum slipperiness. Scoat V2 functions excellently as an independent coating and thanks to its very quick & easy application, it’s often used instead of traditional waxes. Another advantage is that it does not require any curing time, so just apply & go. Scoat is a perfect entrance product. Even inexperienced car care enthusiasts will easily apply it onto their cars.

  • Quick and easy - a perfect replacement for waxes
  • Strong hydrophobic properties
  • Very slippery touch
  • You should not apply in the direct sunlight.
  • Always use clean microfibre cloths.
  • Apply in a good light.
  • To improve coating performance add an additional layer. You can do it just after applying first one.
  • Scoat v2 does not require long-time curing. Just apply & go!
  • The surface should be completely clean and decontaminated.
  • Old coatings, waxes and other glazes must be removed before the application.
  • The surface should be machine polished if there are any scratches, swirl marks or holograms.
  • The surface must be properly degreased by Ultracoat Wipe It! or IPA. We advise a second degrease to ensure the surface is perfectly prepared for the application process
  • Spray the product onto the microfibre cloth and the surface.
  • Spread the product with a cloth and buff off the excess for the perfect finish.
  • The coating is ready to go right after application.
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