Limited Wash & Wax Set

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Limited Wash & Wax Set is a unique set of Ultracoat car cosmetics with a limited edition of the exclusive Show Wax for FREE. We have selected the contents of the kit to use it to complete the entire process of preparing the car for waxing. You will find products for pre-wash and main washing, decontamination, cleaning and protection of windshields, tire protection and, of course, car paint protection.

We chose the capacity of the products depending on their actual consumption during detailing work. The content of the set is suitable for carrying out the entire waxing process several times so that you can use the collection not only for your car but also for your family’s or friends’ cars!

Ultracoat Show Wax – Limited Edition is natural-synthetic car wax. Provides high gloss, color depth and a significant darkening of the paintwork, which will ensure a spectacular appearance of your car. The application, thanks to the attached applicator, is quick and easy. In addition to the visual properties, the paint surface will become slippery and have a strong hydrophobic effect. The durability of the wax is approx. two months.

Offer available while stocks last.

Ultracoat Limited Wash & Wax Set:

  • Ultracoat Show Wax – Limited Edition – FREE
  • Wax Applicator – FREE
Application method

Method of application of Ultracoat Show Wax:

  1. Wash the car thoroughly.
  2. Perform paint decontamination.
  3. Dry the car thoroughly.
  4. Degrease the surface with Finest Wipe.
  5. Apply a thin layer of wax on the surface with circular movements.
  6. Wait about 5 minutes and polish the surface with plush microfiber.
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