Leather Q-Detailer

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Leather Q-Detailer is a product designed for cleaning and protecting leather elements. Perfect for car interiors, but also for motorcycle seats and boat interiors. It has a pleasant coconut scent, and its composition has been selected so that it is fully safe for the surface and the user.

Thanks to the atomizer included in the kit, the product is very easy to use. Leather Q-Detailer provides UV protection and leaves a matte finish. Protective properties ensure slower absorption of dirt and leave the leather soft and nourished.

  • Quick and effective
  • Safe for the user and the surface
  • Satin finish
Available capacities
  • 500ml
  • 5l
Method of use
  1. Spray the product on the microfibre cloth or directly on leather.
  2. Work out the product using a brush or microfibre cloth.
  3. Collect excess product with a clean microfibre. 
  4. If necessary, repeat steps 1-3.
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