1 June 2022 Magic Will

Magic Will – Wheel & Rubber Cleaner  Magic Will is a ready-to-use product for cleaning rims, tires and rubber mats. The advanced formula provides effective dirt dissolution, which significantly facilitates non-contact cleaning of the surface. The product has strong foaming properties, which ensures long action of the active substances and ease of work during brushing. […]
1 June 2022 Ceramic Q-Detailer

Ceramic Q-Detailer – Quick & Slick Hydrophobic Spray Ceramic Q-Detailer is a product with a high SiO2 content for quick and effective care of the paintwork and other external elements of the car. Perfect as single protection and as a product for regular maintenance of ceramic coatings. It provides the surface with a phenomenal shine, […]
20 September 2021 Superior Glass

Superior Glass – Hydrophobic Window Cleaner Superior Glass is an advanced glass cleaner and protection agent. You will get rid of stubborn dirt in one step and provide the surface with strong hydrophobic properties that last up to several weeks. The product is very easy to use. It quickly evaporates and leaves no streaks. Hydrophobic […]
10 June 2021 Buggy Boy

Bug remainings, bird droppings, and tree sap are the nightmare of anyone who loves their car clean and shiny. If you don’t remove them safely, they might damage the paintwork, discolor it and cause etching. Do insects have to scare us even afterlife? Absolutely not! Buggy Boy – Ruthless Insect Destroyer is a bug remover […]
29 March 2021 Master Wash

Master Wash is a multi-purpose cleaner for caring for the exterior of your vehicle. It is very versatile – it will be perfect for cleaning paint, rims, plastics and even the engine compartment. Master Wash is primarily a high power of action. It is ideal for quick washing and as a pre-wash. Effectively softens dirt […]
29 March 2021 Finest Wipe

Finest Wipe is a final paint inspection liquid. Thoroughly degreases the surface and removes the residues of polishing pastes, silicones and other fillers. It provides a perfectly prepared surface before the application of protective coatings, sealants and waxes. The use of the product is very simple. Finest Wipe evaporates evenly and leaves no streaks, which […]
5 June 2020 Leather Q-Detailer

Leather Q-Detailer is a product designed for cleaning and protecting leather elements. Perfect for car interiors, but also for motorcycle seats and boat interiors. It has a pleasant coconut scent, and its composition has been selected so that it is fully safe for the surface and the user. Thanks to the atomizer included in the […]
4 June 2020 Interior Q-Detailer

Interior Q-Detailer is a product used to clean and protect vehicle interiors. Ideally suited to the care of plastics, dashboards and lacquered surfaces, on which it does not leave any streaks. It has a pleasant aroma of milk chocolate. Surfaces treated with our Interior Q-Detailer receive a satin finish that lasts for at least a […]
1 June 2020 Quartz Tire Dressing

Quartz Tire Dressing is a preparation used to protect tires and rubber elements. It has a pleasant, blueberry scent and is characterized by a very simple application that you can do with the atomizer included in the set. The silica content ensures a maximum level of hydrophobicity that persists for several weeks after application. Decide […]
3 November 2019 Tar & Glue Remover

Product designed for special tasks, necessary in the process of cleaning cars before polishing the paint or during ceramic coating services. It evaporates slowly ensuring the long-lasting process of dissolving dirt like glue or tar. While it has very strong cleaning properties, it remains safe not only for the coatings, paint or wheels but for […]
3 November 2019 Iron+

A product designed to remove metallic dirt, brake dust, and volatile rust. The gel-like consistency of the product ensures a long active time. The product has a neutral pH level which makes it safe for paint, wheels, chrome, rubber, glass, and most important for you. It evokes the well-known effect of “bleeding wheels”. It quickly […]
3 November 2019 Shampoo+

The citrus-scented and highly concentrated car shampoo designed for active car cleaning. It has strong degreasing properties so lots of our partners use it before the application of protective coatings and waxes. It is very effective in removing the residue from polishing pastes. It is also perfect for servicing ceramic coatings. Thanks to great cleaning […]
3 November 2019 APC+

 is a multi-surface and highly concentrated cleaning product. Depending on the selected concentration, it works well for cleaning external and internal vehicle components. Effectively dissolves dirt and separates it from the surface, which makes cleaning quick and easy.  APC+ is very efficient and safe for the treated surface. The work is made even more pleasant […]
3 November 2019 Glass Cleaner

Extremely effective, praised by professionals cleaner for any glass surfaces. Glass Cleaner does not leave any streaks when cleaning the windows which makes it very comfortable to use. It’s highly alcoholized which makes it evaporate really quickly without leaving any traces. Degreasing very well. Perfect to use before the application of hydrophobic coatings.

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