11 June 2021 Spotless Fabric

If you love clean seats, which look new no matter how often you use your car, then you are in the right place. Spotless Fabric is a safe and effective coating for car upholstery and convertible roofs. It penetrates the textile structure and protects it against all types of dirt. Thanks to its hydrophobic properties, […]
21 May 2021 Ceramic Breeze

Ahoy! We present a brand new, revolutionary ceramic coating for boat owners who love their watercraft shiny and protected! Ultracoat Ceramic Breeze is based on the same technology we use in our other premium ceramic coatings, but it’s specially adapted for gelcoats, marine surfaces and yachts that stay in the water for long periods. Your […]
21 October 2020 Splash

The easiest-to-use protective coating to be applied to wet parts of your car. It does not require difficult and time-consuming surface preparation. Thanks to its very strong hydrophobic properties, it significantly facilitates drying. The Splash application will give your paintwork a perfect slipperiness while ensuring a very high gloss. The silica content will effectively repel […]
16 October 2020 Premium Bond 9H

Premium Bond 9H is the most advanced ceramic coating in the Ultracoat offer. It is used to protect almost any smooth surface, therefore it is used not only for work with cars but also for the protection of elements of boats and airplanes. After application, the product deeply penetrates the surface structure, fills the micropores […]
22 November 2019 Umbrella

Highly hydrophobic protective coating designed to protect all glass surfaces. Perfect for protecting window screens and creating an “invisible wiper” effect. Umbrella is very easy and fast to apply. Thanks to its formula it provides fantastic durability. It provides great comfort when driving in the rain for approx. 25,000 km after application. Umbrella guarantees safety […]
3 November 2019 One

Highly technologically advanced ceramic coating. Designed to precisely protect almost every external surface. Connects with the surface with thousands of covalent bonds proving perfect integrity on the molecular level. It means that the coating is extremely efficient protecting the surface from UV damage, oxidation or strong chemicals and decreasing the formation of micro-scratches. One is […]
3 November 2019 Hydro HD

Si02 based protective coating with durability up to 12 months. It has very strong hydrophobic properties and thanks to its very quick & easy application is often used instead of waxes. Protects the paint, plastics and even car screen. It can be used as an independent coating or as a top coating for Premium Bond […]
3 November 2019 Metal Guard

Very durable ceramic coating designed to protect the surface and help maintain its cleanliness. Perfect for each type of metal. It has strong hydrophobic properties which allow it to repel dirt and brake dust. The coating is resistant to temperatures reaching up to 800 degrees. Metal Guard is suitable not only for aluminium wheels but […]
3 November 2019 Scoat v2 – Limited Edition

Limited Edition of bestselling SiO2 coating! High silica content made the product even more durable and hydrophobic! The highly versatile protective coating based on fluoropolymer and Si02. It is perfect as a reload for ceramic coatings because it gives the surface very hydrophobic properties and maximum slipperiness. Scoat V2 functions excellently as an independent coating […]

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