4 July 2022 Soft Touch

Soft Touch – Premium Microfibre Wash Mitt A comfortable and durable vehicle washing mitt made of the highest quality Korean microfiber. The delicate structure of the fibres guarantees the high safety of the cleaned surface and easy rinsing of dirt from the glove. Inside the Soft Touch, there is a double-sided sponge that perfectly absorbs […]
4 July 2022 Silky Finish

Silky Finish – Ultra-Soft Edgeless Microfibre 2-pack It is a fluffy microfiber with a medium-length pile for use during regular detailing work. Ideal for removing polishing paste residues from paintwork, application of waxes and sealants, and as a drying aid. The cloth is laser-cut, thanks to which it is devoid of hard edges, and has […]
4 July 2022 Gentle Buff

Gentle Buff – Short Pile Edgeless Microfibre 2-pack It is a short-pile microfiber for universal use. Especially recommended for work with paint, buffing of ceramic coatings and car interior care. The cloth is laser-cut, thanks to which it is devoid of hard edges, and has no tags or other markings, which positively affects the safety […]
16 October 2020 Applicator Pads

Our applicator pads to use when applying ceramic coatings are very gentle. The application becomes much more convenient, especially in the case of hard-to-reach places, complex rim patterns or elements with a large number of embossments. The thin sponge inside the microfiber applicator ensures that the Pads do not absorb more product than traditional coating […]
16 October 2020 Soft Lambswool Wash Mitt

A wash mitt designed for the safe car and motorcycle cleaning. It is made of lambswool and a thick layer of natural skin guarantees longevity. The mitt absorbs a large amount of water with shampoo which ensures effective slip and safety for the paint. Comfortable wristband cares for the ease of work and delicate bristle […]

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